April 08, 2006

"Pressure and threats do not resolve problems"

Apropos the current American war against the rest of the world and the immediate plans to direct the war machine towards Iran, I'll say a couple of words in a minute about an old movie I saw tonight for the first time. Meanwhile, the words of Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, make eminent sense. He is wrong only about one thing. He says Iran has not invaded another country in 250 years. Actually, it is more like 268 years (since its invasion of India in 1738).

The movie was "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," with James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan (!) and a bunch of relative unknowns. I am more the French and Italian subtitled-movie type (though I do confess to liking Westerns), but we thought we'd go see something different this time, and, boy, was it ever different! The violence was gratuitous and senseless (and the sex was prostitution and rape). It was like a microcosm or metaphor of American violence in Iraq. In the movie, everyone ended up dead. That seems to be America's plan for the world at large.

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Diva B said...

Some more fuel for your fire: with the increasing number of service members' deaths in the Iraq war, what does the Bush administration do? They take $6 million out of the national cemetarys' operating budget! Basically saying to the military: thanks for sacrificing your lives for our oil hunt, but we can't bury you properly!