April 01, 2006


Imperial Clowns

Canada's Stephen Harper pulling a Dubya in Afghanistan...

(fake food -- everything about the man is either a lie or an act)

... and what the heck is with the flak jacket?... In Afghanistan, yes, but in Mexico?!... I don't think I need to add anything about the clown in the middle. His pictures are worth a thousand words. It must be ever so embarrassing for Vicente Fox to be seen with those two.

i guess it's true that everyone has a soulmate, i wish harper and bush are very happy together, hopefully they'll both retire and live a long life together out of the eye of politics
I think the purpose of that khaki vest is to hide the ever expanding PM, and that’s the reason he does not leave home without it. He's filled his plate to the brim with junk food (courtesy of Canadian army) and can't wait to get to his table and gulp it down.
I liked ur post! in fact, as a mexican I can tell is a pitty we had to "wellcome" Bush at this land...

Our president might not be a super powerful man but HE IS A GOOD PERSON!!! naive and idealist sometimes...

I really like ur blog, whoever u are
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