April 24, 2006


Translation of Speech by President Ahmadinejad of Iran

What follows is a full, accurate, and word-for-word translation of the text of President Ahmadinejad’s address at Al-Qods [Jerusalem] International Conference, Tehran, April 14, 2006. I ask the reader to put all preconceptions aside, and to read what he actually says.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Dear Scholars and Thinkers; Honorable Speakers and Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

On behalf of our beloved people and the government of the Islamic Republic, I would like to welcome you and express my own thanks and appreciation for your attendance. I hope your blessed and fruitful presence at this conference will help ease the inconvenience of your journey from countries far and near.

Fortunately, this conference coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Islam’s glorious Prophet, which is an auspicious concurrence.

The Prophet of Islam is the messenger of compassion, mercy, justice and human dignity. He is the focus of the unity of all believers in God and all Muslims, and the harbinger of peace and harmony on the basis of justice and faith in God. Our beloved prophet desired the welfare of all humanity, was the pinnacle of human perfection, and the inheritor of all divine prophets. I offer my felicitations on the occasion of the anniversary of this auspicious birth to the honourable participants, to all Muslims and to all humanity.

Excellencies, Dear sisters and brothers;

The question of Palestine has been a tribulation for the people of the region and the Islamic community for the past sixty years. The suffering inflicted by the Zionist occupiers upon the people of the region, Muslims and especially the Palestinian people, is a gnawing torment that cannot easily be redressed, and I would like to give a brief account of it here:

Permanent Threat

The existence of the [Zionist] regime is tantamount to the permanent imposition of an unbridled threat, so that none of the Islamic nations and countries of the region can feel secure from its threat. The closer these countries and nations are to the epicenter of this threat, the more insecure they feel. The people of Palestine exist within the context of such a threat. For that reason, they have not spent even a single day with peace of mind and tranquility for at least the past sixty years. Three generations of the children of Palestine have lived and are presently living under these circumstances. The peoples of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Middle East are essentially in a similar situation.

Waste of the Immense Resources of the Region and the Islamic Community

As a result of the presence of the usurper Zionist regime, an enormous portion of the wealth and assets of the Islamic countries and the region are spent on maintaining defensive strength, and at times on actual defense. In addition, an important part of the human resources, which are the most fundamental assets of any nation, have been expended for the same purpose.

Insult to the Dignity of the Faithful and Believers

The existence of such a threat has tainted the dignity of the Islamic community, the believers, and the faithful. In accordance with the noble verse [from the Qur’an], “God has never opened a path for unbelievers to dominate believers,” the domination of such a regime over the portion of Muslims and believers that reside in the occupied territories and the region is contrary to the will of the Almighty.

By its unending murders and massacres, destruction of homes and farms, desecration of sacred shrines, mosques and churches, unrelenting invasion of residential and non-residential places, planned and announced assassinations, [the Zionist regime] tramples not only on the dignity of Palestinians, but also on the dignity of all Muslims and freedom-loving people of the world.

How long can this situation last and be tolerated? When Imam Ali, Commander of the Faithful [599-661 AD], heard that invading enemies had forcibly removed an anklet from the feet of a Jewish woman in one of the frontier cities under his rule, he said: "One should not blame a man who dies from grief over such an outrage.”

Today, they show no mercy even to children, and target them with their bullets. Palestinian men and women are abducted and tortured in their fearsome prisons. People are shot dead on the streets, at markets, and in schools. Do such scenes befit the dignity and pride of Islam and humanity?

Sowing disunity in the Islamic world and among the nations of the region

Sowing disunity among the nations and governments of the region is the foundation of the continued existence of this usurper regime. By their insidious interference and by creating an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment, they divide the countries and governments of the region, so that in this atmosphere and by setting up certain covert relationships, they make possible the imposition of costly military and economic pacts, along with the disgraceful political burdens of the dominant system on the nations and governments of the region. The Zionist regime is the focus of accord for the bullying countries and the adversaries of the Islamic community, and an adversary of Muslims. Enemies and ill-wishers, by strengthening and supporting such a threat, put effective pressure on the Islamic community and the countries and nations of the region, and, despite their deep and numerous differences, they converge and are united at this single point.

In fact, all of the dominant powers impose their power on Muslims through the regime that occupies Jerusalem; and that regime, as their agent, has assumed the responsibility to terrorize, threaten, sow disunity, and sabotage the political, economic and cultural relations between the countries of the region with each other and with other countries of the world.

Preventing the Progress and Advancement of the Islamic Countries

The bullying powers use various excuses to prevent the transfer of science, technology and progress to the nations of the region, and regard [our advancement] as a threat to the corrupt Zionist regime. They do not allow the countries of the region to tread on the path to progress and advancement. They even oppose indigenous technologies in the Islamic countries, and interpret any scientific advancement as a threat to the security of the regime that occupies Jerusalem.

Do you see how they treat our nation that, relying on the creativity of its own scientists, has been able to achieve access to nuclear technology? Whereas today, nuclear technology is one of the primary foundations for progress and serving the people; and in the not too distant future, nations lacking this technology will have no choice but to resort to it in order to provide their energy needs, as well as to use nuclear technology in scientific, technical, and manufacturing fields.

Affronts against Sanctities and Destruction of Cultural Heritage

The desecration of the al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem] and the demographic and physical alterations in Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque that are revered by all believers and the followers of all monotheistic religions are the consequences of the Zionist occupation, which has devastated this monotheistic institution, and has ruined this precious heritage of humanity.

The Exile of the Innocent Palestinians

Today, the exile of millions of Palestinians from their fatherland is a pain and brutality whose dimensions are indescribable.

Excellencies; distinguished parliamentarians; dear sisters and brothers;

What I briefly referred to are some of the consequences of the continuation of such an artificial regime. The question is: What is the philosophy behind the establishment and imposition of such a regime by certain Western powers?

Some Western powers believe that during the Second World War they killed a large number of Jewish people, and that they founded the occupying regime in order to atone for such a tragedy.

With reverence towards all ethnicities, nations, and followers of divine religions, our question is this: If such a tragedy is true, why should it be atoned for in Islamic countries, at the expense of the people of this region, through the occupation of Palestinian lands and the unending repression of Palestinian people, the exile of millions of Palestinians, the destruction of their cities, villages, and farms, and with fire, bullets, and force?

Is the tragedy of the establishment of such a regime less of a tragedy than the Holocaust that you have claimed? If there are serious doubts regarding the Holocaust, there is no doubt regarding the Palestinian tragedy and Holocaust.

The Holocaust in Palestine has persisted for more than sixty years.

Excellencies, dear sisters and brothers;

The bitter truth is that, for the last several decades, a widespread network of Zionists, aiming at domination and mastery, has enlisted the services of the bullying and powerful governments, and certain weaker governments in the West have succumbed to the Zionists.

Today, it is not only the Palestinians and the Islamic world that are affected by the threat of Zionism, but also a huge part of the economic and political interests of the people in the West are hostage to the Zionists.

I regret to affirm that the governments under the influence of the Zionists in some European countries, for the sake of consolidating the pillars of their power, are prepared to make the financial, industrial and agricultural resources and key posts of their countries available to them, and to sacrifice the freedom, dignity and honour of their citizens under the feet of the Zionists. There is much to say regarding this matter that, God willing, I will share with all nations, and especially the people of Europe, in due course.

The question of Palestine is not solely a question for the Islamic world, but rather today’s issue for humanity. The tragedy of the occupation in Palestine and daily atrocities have harmed the dignity and honour of humanity.

Can a high-minded person condone what is happening in the occupied territories? So many Palestinians have passed away yearning for return to their homes, and so many Palestinian children live with the dream of returning to Palestine, and hope to return to the homes of their fathers.

What is the remedy, and what is the solution?

Excellencies; dear sisters and brothers;

Peace and harmony can only be based on belief in God, protection of human dignity, and justice.

Oppression and aggression are not compatible with belief in God, human dignity and justice. The Zionist regime is a clear example of oppression, and its fundamental nature represents an actual and permanent threat. Its establishment was for this very purpose, namely to put in place a permanent threat in the region. Therefore, its continued existence is a continuation of threat and oppression, and would not exist without threat and aggression, and is not inherently able to survive in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Such a regime, even if it remains established in one square meter of the land of Palestine, will continue to be a threat.

Take a good look at the bullying powers of the world. When it comes to supporting the Zionist regime, they recognize no red line and boundaries for justice, human rights and human dignity. The usurper Zionist regime is the point of convergence of all of the corruption and injustices of the corrupt and bullying powers.

Only a popular democratic government can resolve the problem of Palestine and the people of the region. The right to govern belongs to all the people of Palestine, and it is they who must decide their form of government and elect their own officials. For this purpose, there must be an opportunity for all people of Palestinian heritage, whether Muslims, Christians, or Jews, residing within Palestine or in exile in other countries, to participate in a free referendum to decide their form of government and their leaders. In other words, the only wise and rational path that is compatible with the recognized international norms is to hold a referendum with the participation of all people of Palestinian heritage.

The supporters of the Zionist regime are silent in the face of this powerful logic.

I tell them that regardless of what they desire or do not desire, the Zionist regime is falling apart.

The young tree of resistance in Palestine is blooming, and the blossoms of faith and desire for freedom are bearing fruit. The Zionist regime is a decaying and crumbling tree that will break up with a storm. Today even the immigrants inhabiting occupied Palestine, especially the African and Asian immigrants, live in misery and poverty, and discontent.

I tell the governments supporting the Zionist regime:

Open the doors to the prison of occupied Palestine, and allow the immigrants to return to their original homes, and summon the usurpers of the land of Palestine as well. Of course, if you still consider yourself indebted to them, then find a proper place for them in your own territories; otherwise, call upon them to return to their countries of origin to live like their forefathers.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Today we are all accountable in facing the question of Palestine. The enemies of humanity are struggling to preserve this nest of intrigue. They are using the resources and wealth of their own people to keep such a regime in power, at the expense of the poverty and destitution of their own nations.

With the grace of the Almighty, today the nations of the world, especially the Muslim nations, are awake and are the greatest bulwark of the people of Palestine in the struggle against the Zionist usurpers.

Islamic governments can solve the problem of Palestine by their unity and solidarity.

The parliaments of countries can play an important role in awakening and forging unity among nations by placing the question of Palestine in their permanent agenda.

The question of Palestine is the present and lasting concern of not only Muslims, but the entire humanity.

Palestine is the point of convergence and differentiation of right and wrong. The freedom of Palestine is the present aspiration of humanity. We must believe that good will prevail and evil will depart. We must believe that Palestine will soon be free.

A regime based on injustice and threats cannot survive. Today all the necessary conditions for the freedom of Palestine are on hand and available. Vigilance, unity and resistance are the keys to victory.

The destiny of the region will be decided in the land of Jerusalem, and it will be a great honour to share in the victory of Palestine.

I pray to the Almighty for the honour and strength of the Islamic community and the victory of the Palestinian people.

Once again I offer my congratulations on the auspicious birth of our dear Prophet, and thank the organizers of this conference.

I thank all the dear guests and brothers and sisters for their attendance, and hope the results of this conference will be a long step forward in realizing the noble Palestinian cause.

April 22, 2006


Peter MacKay's new love

"[Canadian] Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay spoke of a mysterious 'chemistry' with Condoleezza Rice, invited her for a skate on the Rideau Canal and gushed his longtime admiration from the podium as the secretary of state fixed her gaze on some point on a distant wall." (From today's Toronto Star)

The Star's catoonists are probably working on an appropriate cartoon right now, with a bit part played by Belinda Stronach. What about calling him "Canada's Minister of Affairs"?

April 20, 2006


Brazil joins Axis of Evil (with tacit US approval)

So you think the US Government's rhetoric against Iran is about enrichment of Uranium? Brazil has been quietly doing the same thing as Iran, with no criticism forthcoming from the Bush Administration. In fact, the US has done its utmost to hush up the Brazilian efforts, and to insist that they are about peaceful use of nuclear energy.

In reality, the parallel between Iran and Brazil is exact and unmistakable, except in the minds of the fanatical ideologues in Washington, who would use any excuse to further their geopolitical ambitions in the Middle East. Both Iran and Brazil have opted for independence from the Empire, so that they would not have to rely on the major capitalist nations to supply the nuclear fuel for their vital energy needs.

April 15, 2006


"It's time for a change"...

... a change in the lunacy that has passed for American foreign and domestic policy for more than fifty years. The speech by Dr Ron Paul (Republican member of the US House of Representatives from Texas) eloquently summarizes both what is wrong and what is immoral about nearly everything that the United States of America has represented since the Second World War. As he demonstrates, those wrong and immoral policies have led to the current entanglement with Iran, as well as to the nightmarish quagmire of Iraq.

The lunacy threatens to culminate in a catastrophe of world-historical proportions in the form of an attack against Iran. It is indeed time for regime change -- in the United States.

The speech is about forty minutes long, but it provides information that is of vital interest to every American -- and which is denied to Americans by their supine newsmedia.

The full text is here.

April 12, 2006


Nuclear fallout tells no tales

The US government knows, as well as anyone, that Iran does not have a nuclear bomb program. Ironically, one implication of that knowledge is that if the US does attack Iran’s nuclear research sites, it would do so with tactical nuclear weapons.

The potential attack would be for the purpose of "regime change," and would have nothing to do with Iran’s supposed nuclear ambitions. It would be for purely geopolitical reasons, as the Empire cannot afford to have a government in place at the very hub of its geopolitical interests that has more consistently than any government in recent history defied its ideological hegemony.

An attack on Iran would also arise from a full coincidence of "vital" interests between the US and Israel. Iran is the "anti-Israel." Not in the sense falsely portrayed in the media, in which Iran supposedly has designs to "wipe Israel off the map.” Rather, with Israel, a creature of colonialism and imperialism, representing an ever-present hindrance to political progress and stability in the Middle East, Iran represents the only political progress that the region has seen in over half a century.

One of the biggest mistakes of the War on Iraq was attacking on the basis of a lie that could later be proved to have been a lie, namely, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Presumably, the US government plans not to repeat the mistake in the case of Iran. By using nuclear weapons against Iran, the US can continue to claim that Iran did have a nuclear weapons program, and that all the evidence of its existence was regrettably obliterated in the attack on the program facilities themselves.

Clever, those guys! Gives a whole new meaning to "tactical nuclear weapons"!

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April 08, 2006


"Pressure and threats do not resolve problems"

Apropos the current American war against the rest of the world and the immediate plans to direct the war machine towards Iran, I'll say a couple of words in a minute about an old movie I saw tonight for the first time. Meanwhile, the words of Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, make eminent sense. He is wrong only about one thing. He says Iran has not invaded another country in 250 years. Actually, it is more like 268 years (since its invasion of India in 1738).

The movie was "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," with James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan (!) and a bunch of relative unknowns. I am more the French and Italian subtitled-movie type (though I do confess to liking Westerns), but we thought we'd go see something different this time, and, boy, was it ever different! The violence was gratuitous and senseless (and the sex was prostitution and rape). It was like a microcosm or metaphor of American violence in Iraq. In the movie, everyone ended up dead. That seems to be America's plan for the world at large.

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April 01, 2006


Imperial Clowns

Canada's Stephen Harper pulling a Dubya in Afghanistan...

(fake food -- everything about the man is either a lie or an act)

... and what the heck is with the flak jacket?... In Afghanistan, yes, but in Mexico?!... I don't think I need to add anything about the clown in the middle. His pictures are worth a thousand words. It must be ever so embarrassing for Vicente Fox to be seen with those two.

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