April 15, 2006


"It's time for a change"...

... a change in the lunacy that has passed for American foreign and domestic policy for more than fifty years. The speech by Dr Ron Paul (Republican member of the US House of Representatives from Texas) eloquently summarizes both what is wrong and what is immoral about nearly everything that the United States of America has represented since the Second World War. As he demonstrates, those wrong and immoral policies have led to the current entanglement with Iran, as well as to the nightmarish quagmire of Iraq.

The lunacy threatens to culminate in a catastrophe of world-historical proportions in the form of an attack against Iran. It is indeed time for regime change -- in the United States.

The speech is about forty minutes long, but it provides information that is of vital interest to every American -- and which is denied to Americans by their supine newsmedia.

The full text is here.

Hey, type 'failure' into google and then press the 'I'm feeling lucky' button.
Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. It is of vital interest not only to every American but to every living being on earth - where/when will it end ???
Paul from Australia here,I like your blog very much. The speech by Dr. Ron Paul was, in my opinion very good and hopefully just in time to help prevent the act of lunacy that these idiots are contemplating.
I've linked you post to my own Blog.
I hope it gets some coverage. I'll tell my own member of the lower house "Lindsay Tanner" to click on to the speech.
He's one of our "anti coallition of the willing" parliamentarians.
I'm horrified that our own little Quisling Prime Minister has hitched his grubby little wagon to the neo-con star.
Regards Paul.
Hi, Paul here,
A great post. I've linked it to my own Blog.
And I'll try and get my own local MHR to view and listen to the speech
Thanks again
Bush should resign.
Polls show that more than one half of all Americans are opposed to any kind of military action against Iran. And yet, as Rep. Ron Paul points out, nearly all of their Congressional "Representatives" are quietly lining up behind "President" Bush-Cheney-Rice's belligerent stance. Not that anyone will bother to ask for the legislators' consent, anyway, as the power to declare war has somehow passed to the President -- which may be one reason why they don't oppose the belligerence. They are like those people who vote for the candidate that they believe will win an election, even though they prefer another candidate. They want to end up feeling good about having picked a winner.

The real reason the "Representatives" don't oppose the "President" has more to do, though, with the interests that they represent. The American political system is based on rubber-stamp election of corporate-funded individuals who represent no-one other than the corporations that fund their election and legislative tenure.

Had the corruption of the American political system only harmed the population of the United States, one could just wait it out and hope that they'll sort it out for themselves. As it is, the American political system is by far the greatest threat to peace and the greatest cause of political instability in the world. A radical re-shaping of the American political system should be the top item on the agenda of the world's progressive forces. Without such a radical reform, there is really no hope for humanity.
I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I'm embarrassed to be an American. We let this man steal the presidency -- not once, but twice. I don't know what is wrong with our society. Are people so numb and just out for what they can get for themselves that they don't care that we have totally lost everything this country was founded on? I spent so many years being politically active -- fighting for the things that I truly believed in. Alas, I must confess that in the last few years I seemed to have "given up" too. Big business and money always seemed to win. But now we are at a point of losing everything. I'm in Texas (Dallas area) and would love to find like-minded people to rally with. If anyone is out there, please email me at wulfrider77@yahoo.com. Keep up the great work on the blog. I'll be passing this along to my friends. Thank you!
I love Ron Paul!! I am from Ft. Worth and live in ARknsas now. I have an anit-Bush Blog as well and plan on marking this site for futher viewing. Thanks, Jess
Hey, look on the bright side- at least Bush can't stay in for hmmm, lets see... 10 YEARS like one J.W Howard over here in Australia!!
Do you really think there will ever be an invasion of Iran? That's just not true, because the forces are not available. The US military is already over-deployed in Iraq. This is a bluff, 'cause of the iranian nuclear prog. But let me tell you this: we should not sit idle while the "religious democracy" sets to acquire nuclear weapons capacity.
Lobo, the biggest "religious democracy" in the world is the United States of America, and it is the greatest threat to peace and human survival. Its "President," George W. Bush, regularly talks about receiveing direct commands from God, and clearly does not feel bound by any human-made rules, laws, or principles, including the Constitution of the United States.
It's amazing--I was just home in the US for a few weeks, and I was amazed at the whole "let's get Iran" discourse that has been flying around. I am so sorry that no one has apparently learned a lesson from, say, anything.

Thanks for the link to the speech.
I think Nobody has learned there lesson but I guess the Threat is still vital as long as the Government and George Dubbya keeps Lying.

Like Neil Young Album would suggest Impeach the President>There is no other way.

Thank you for sharing.
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