November 26, 2006


A personal note

This blog has been a little inactive in the last couple of months. I think its regular readers understand the main reason for the lack of activity. As I have said before, Israel’s destruction of Lebanon has, in a way, left me emotionally and intellectually paralyzed. I would have never imagined, in my wildest nightmares, that the “international community” would allow such a crime to take place, let alone to leave it unpunished. And yet, the crime took place and the world has done nothing to punish the perpetrators. I feel I need some time to re-evaluate exactly what kind of a world it is that I live in. It is definitely not a world that is ruled by law or ethics.

Israeli girls writing messages on bombs destined for Lebanon

November 20, 2006


Fun with the APEC Summit

Bachelet: "Boy you are fat!"

Harper: "The pot calling the kettle..."

Dubya: "They are giving my little Steve a hard time again!"

November 08, 2006


The Last Couple

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