November 26, 2006

A personal note

This blog has been a little inactive in the last couple of months. I think its regular readers understand the main reason for the lack of activity. As I have said before, Israel’s destruction of Lebanon has, in a way, left me emotionally and intellectually paralyzed. I would have never imagined, in my wildest nightmares, that the “international community” would allow such a crime to take place, let alone to leave it unpunished. And yet, the crime took place and the world has done nothing to punish the perpetrators. I feel I need some time to re-evaluate exactly what kind of a world it is that I live in. It is definitely not a world that is ruled by law or ethics.

Israeli girls writing messages on bombs destined for Lebanon


kris said...

to say we live in an unfair world trivalises the problem and does nothing to right the wrongs. My thoughts are with you as you work through this. (i would also pray for you, but the world community seems to have labeled faith as a crime)

Cynnie said...

I have no solutions..

I use to think the USA needed a revolution..our children are too fat , lazy and complacent..I want to see a spark, a fire burning in the youth ..

But now i think it's the world that needs a revolution..
Why is it so hard to be decent global neighbors?
Why do these countries ( mine included ) feel the NEED to force other countries to do as they say ?

I dont keep up as i should with the current issues, but the frustration is sometimes more than i can bear

Unknown said...

The worse it gets, the more the world needs voices (like yours) to check the leaders of violence.

Now is the time to speak up louder.

pilgrimchick said...

It seems that power is the driving force, and as the world has become more of an "international community" over the last century or so, the idea of "world domination" of one kind or another seems more and more possible to people who are truly out only for their own interests. I wonder where the acquisition of power really gets people--it's just an insatiable obsession and the type of urge that should be muted, controlled, in people. Now is the time for ethics and morality to really step in.

Lisa said...

I was wondering where you had gone.... and glad you're back. I understand where you are at, but this cynic does not believe the world is any different now than what it used to be. Its just that now there's more of us with access to information, more of us to be disgusted and let down by our leaders. BUT there's also more of us who can express that anger, we can reach out to a wider group and make more of an impact than ever before. Keep on keeping on dear fellow, you do a great job, love your posts.

ZenyZero said...

I just fell here by chance and I read your "personal note".
Well, worst of all is to feel pitty of oneself. Second, to feel different than the rest of the world. Third, think that someone else has to do it, not me.

Come on!! we have what we deserve. We are destroying the world and leaving our daughters and sons a worse place to live in. Isn't it time to start up doing something? A revolution (as someone said above). Let's put our words in facts and start by ourselves.

Have a nice day.

The Merchant said...

I too stumbled upon your blog by pure chance, and the only certainty now is that my daily reading matter has now included this site. Words aone to not begin to describe my disappointment and frustration at the recet events between Fatah and Hammas, now doing the Israelis a favour by killing each other. Is there an end to this madness? I read regularly. Your views?

homeless-chukcha said...

War crimes of Israel should be punished