April 12, 2006

Nuclear fallout tells no tales

The US government knows, as well as anyone, that Iran does not have a nuclear bomb program. Ironically, one implication of that knowledge is that if the US does attack Iran’s nuclear research sites, it would do so with tactical nuclear weapons.

The potential attack would be for the purpose of "regime change," and would have nothing to do with Iran’s supposed nuclear ambitions. It would be for purely geopolitical reasons, as the Empire cannot afford to have a government in place at the very hub of its geopolitical interests that has more consistently than any government in recent history defied its ideological hegemony.

An attack on Iran would also arise from a full coincidence of "vital" interests between the US and Israel. Iran is the "anti-Israel." Not in the sense falsely portrayed in the media, in which Iran supposedly has designs to "wipe Israel off the map.” Rather, with Israel, a creature of colonialism and imperialism, representing an ever-present hindrance to political progress and stability in the Middle East, Iran represents the only political progress that the region has seen in over half a century.

One of the biggest mistakes of the War on Iraq was attacking on the basis of a lie that could later be proved to have been a lie, namely, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Presumably, the US government plans not to repeat the mistake in the case of Iran. By using nuclear weapons against Iran, the US can continue to claim that Iran did have a nuclear weapons program, and that all the evidence of its existence was regrettably obliterated in the attack on the program facilities themselves.

Clever, those guys! Gives a whole new meaning to "tactical nuclear weapons"!

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1 comment:

Anon said...

I don't agree, I think that Iran should have Nuclear weapons, as it's prudent foreign policy.

Having seen the good ole U S of A invade the countries on either side of it, they must reckon that they wont invade if they have a Nuke.