October 28, 2005

The Poodle's UNcle

I often wonder how Britain’s Great Poodle keeps himself from bursting out laughing while making his grandiloquent pronouncements. One of the latest examples was the Poodle’s fatwah regarding the Iranian President’s statement of the obvious, namely, that the Israeli state is illegitimate. The Poodle: “I have never come across a situation of a president of a country saying they want to wipe out another country.” Never? Not even once?... But wait a minute. Is it even true that President Ahmadinejad said he wants to wipe out another country? Did he say he is contemplating military action against the Zionist entity? No. All he did was to state the obvious and predict that Israel’s illegitimacy will eventually catch up with it (the same way that Dubya's illegitimacy is finally catching up with him). He also expressed the revulsion of the world’s progressive forces at the actions of Moslem governments that have recognized Israel or contemplate moves in that direction.

Incidentally, the last time that Iran made a major military move against another country was, I think, in 1738 (yes, almost three hundred years ago) when it invaded India. To find the next example before that one, we would probably have to go back to Xerxes’ invasion of Greece in 480 BC! I think the Poodle and his Master alone have committed more murder and aggression than Iran has committed in the entire three millennia of its history.

Meanwhile, UNcle Tom Annan was busy doing what he is best at, that is, turning a blind eye to violations of historical proportions of international law, and simultaneously condemning anyone who endangers the status quo. UNcle Tom Annan: “Under the United Nations Charter, all members have undertaken to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.” I guess the Iraq invasion that has resulted in up to a quarter million deaths does not measure up to UNcle Tom’s criteria of what constitutes a “threat or use of force.”

Meanwhile the Poodle: “There has been a long time in which everyone has been saying to me 'tell us you are not going to do anything about Iran'. If they carry on like this, the question people are going to be asking is 'when are you going to do something'.”

Do you think UNcle Tom is thinking about condemning the Poodle’s statement? Don’t hold your breath.


Patt said...

WOW......what a one sided view.Those iranian guys are all good the west are all bad.Get a grip the Iran made a specific Threat to another nation.which has since been repeated.W hat action do you think the world should take laugh it off ,i think not.I am no fan of Iserail and its dispicable actions against the palistinians.iran may be right Action should be taken to halt thier terrorisim ,but democracy forms the better part of valor.So try andlook at the big picture .take the blinkers off.

Al S. E. said...

Patt, your comment came close to violating the rules of this blog and getting deleted, but I decided to leave it, as your heart is in the right place. I do look at the big picture, and that is why I draw such radical conclusions. The US invasion of Iraq and the UN’s complete silence on this massive violation of all civilized norms were signals that the old order was dead. There is no “business as usual” anymore, as there is now a battle to the death between capitalism and US imperialism on one side, and human survival and progress on the other. In this new battle, anyone who opposes the new order is a “progressive,” because he/she helps raise the world’s consciousness against the Empire. Political stripes and affiliations have become irrelevant, as absolute coalition and unity against the Empire are now called for. Therefore, even an “ultra-conservative” such as the Iranian President should be considered a progressive. To paraphrase Dubya's infamous slogan, "You are either with us or with the imperialists."

Juggling Mother said...

Ah, this begs the question, "what is an illegitimate state?"

The usual definition is "one not recognised by the UN", but of course, we rcognise a number of states that are not acepted by the UN.

Equally, at what point will the UN decide that it will not allow contires to remain members if they refuse to pay their dues, and kick out the USA (currently $6billion behind I think).

The comments were abhorrant & inflamatory, but I agree, they were not a declaration of war, or even a statement of intent.