March 25, 2006

Pacifism vs Imperialism

The saga of the four Christian peace activists taken hostage by the Iraqi Resistance several months ago, one of whom was killed by the captors, and three of whom were recently “rescued” by “coalition” forces under highly suspicious and mysterious circumstances, is a study in the interconnections and the complicity between imperialist propaganda and media distortions.

The media expect the former captives to be grateful to the “coalition” forces. What, exactly, are they to be grateful for? Are they supposed to be grateful to the ultimate causes and creators of their suffering, not to speak of the suffering of millions of Iraqis?

The media have offered a false paradox: Opponents of war have been freed by soldiers. But there is no paradox here. As long as there are wars, there will be active opponents of war, who themselves are more likely than the average non-participant to become a victim of war. Hence providing an opportunity for the warmongers to “rescue” them and try to justify the unjustifiable. Had there been no war on Iraq, would any of this have happened?

The peace activists have been urged to thank their “rescuers.” Rather, it should be the “rescuers” who should apologize to the former hostages for having made it necessary for them to place themselves in such a highly dangerous situation, for having endured months of captivity, and for being forced to waste so much energy opposing a worthless war which is a tissue of mendacity and falsehood.

Ultimately, it is the newsmedia who should be apologizing for having perverted the meaning of the four’s mission of peace into a justification for war.

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Clark County Diva said...

Glad somebody else feels as passionately as I do about the ugliest-manmade thing, war. This awful Iraq occupation is even worse, as it was choosen, not defensively undertaken.
We have some similar viewpoints. Check out my blog if you get a chance:
Clark County Diva