March 03, 2006



People have tried to figure out why Bush seems so uncaring about the death and suffering he has caused in Iraq. I think it is actually very simple. The thing about Bush is that he believes everyone's life is as miserable, destructive, and meaningless as his own. He thinks a lot of people are better off dead.

That is why the tens of thousands of Iraqi lives and the thousands of American lives that he has extinguished mean nothing to him. Bush saves people, especially young people, from life! His victims find eternal meaning by making "the ultimate sacrifice"!

He is Moloch, the god-king in whose name children were sacrificed on a pyre to make them "immortal." "Moloch finds particular pleasure in making mothers weep; for he specializes in stealing their children."

I also don't understand how someone can justify death with death. It is hypocritical. Especially when he says he is a Christian, and to attack people that are Islamic not because they had anything to do with the 9/11 incident. Abraham Lincoln was a great president who had to make a very important decision at a critical point in time. It was said that he tossed and turned every night with agony at the loss of human life. He was a Christian and prayed every night that he do the right thing. You see none of Lincoln's traits in Bush or for that fact any merciful traits. I write about these things in my blog, democrats now
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