March 16, 2006


Watch this...

...but only if you can stand the sight of Bill O'Reilly for as long as eight minutes. Ole Phil gives him a thrashing he won't soon forget: Video

Ok, hard to hold on to O'Reilly for that long....but very well done.
I forgot what a complete pain in the ass he is.
I love your "Impeach Bush" banner, too.
slskenyon, I think the most disturbing thing about Bill O'Reilly is that he is, so to speak, truly evil. He knows, for instance, that the war on Iraq is morally wrong, but he supports it anyway, because the war furthers US goepolitical interests.

I noticed you write from the UK. Is O'Reilly known on that side of the pond too?

You can get an "Impeach Bush" banner for your own blog(s) at
i hate bill o reilly
loud dosent mean right
i heart phil donahue
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