March 01, 2006


What will it take to dump Dubya?

Dubya’s popularity, according to the latest poll, stands at 34 percent. Considering that he got 47 percent of the vote a little over a year ago, his popularity has dropped by only about 13 percent during the intervening period.*

All the unprecedented domestic and international disasters of those 14 months have convinced only an additional 13 percent of the American population that this man was never meant to be the leader of anything, much less the leader of the most powerful military power in the world! What will it take to convince the remaining 34 percent?

This is not a rhetorical question. I am really curious to know...

* I am being generous, by the way, with that "47 percent" figure. The real figure, considering all the fraud that went on in Ohio and elsewhere, was probably more like 45 percent, or even lower.

There is a procedure to dump a sitting president which is called impeachment. It requires a process to surgically implant a backbone into the spineless Democrats.
I don't know what it'll take. It boggles my mind how he got this far in the first place!
The best and surest way is to go to the polls and vote.
Isn’t it obvious? It’s going to take something important… some major change to Joe Shmoe’s life… something that is gonna hurt him… Oh.. sure… war? Oh, yes… Joe Shmoe thinks that is just so very sad… But remote and distant, nonetheless… Joe Shmoe is warm and cozy under his J.C. Penny matching duvet set each and every night… no sleeping in the desert and getting his ass shot.

No, it is going to take some major screw-up from Bush to convince this other 34%... I mean something really important like say… for instance… making Nascar illegal… or raising the price of a Happy Meal to $10 bucks a whack (and NO toy)… or if dipping Skoal was banned on Sundays… I don’t know… maybe something like that would do it?
Arithmentic wrong here.

Dubya was elected by slightly less that half the voters in the US, but a majority of the electoral college, and as less than 50% of the population bother to register to vote he only had support of around 24% of the population. If he now has 37% support he has GAINED 13% not lost any.

The Global Silk Road
At first I wasn't sure whether to take your comment seriously, "the global silk road," but then I figured I'd answer it anyway, because I like people who call the Shrub "Dubya."

At election time, about 45 percent of US voters voted for the Presnit. If the elections were held today, less than 35 percent of US voters would vote for him. That's the drop in support I was talking about.

In the same way that the opinion of people who don't vote is not reflected in final election results, polling companies, when doing opinion surveys, don't count the opinion of people who are considered "not likely to vote,” that is, the opinion of non-voters.
Don't forget 34% is really low and doesn't mean that 34% would vote for him again, just that they approve of the job he is doing (which does seem unfathomable at this point). I think the only way he can drop further is with an economic collapse, alienating richer conservatives. And it might be on its way sooner than we think if the housing market plummets...
U have a got a great blog. Damn impressive.U r using ur blog really well. And I also want that Dubya to go away . No matter it takes ,Dubya should be dumped.
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