May 17, 2006


"You are a donkey, Mr Danger!"

Hugo Chavez says it all! Americans have a lot to answer for.

This Amurikun has nothing to answer for. I've divorced myself from the assholes that think they're running the place on my blog, a public declaration.

Now if thousands did it...
Keep up the good work. You are appreciated.
I just want to say... I came across your blog randomly, and extremely glad I did. Thank you for your work!
Nice blog, I like it! With you permission I'd like to have a link to it on my own blog. Please let me know if it's not okay.

I like the picture with bush in north korea president very good. Those are one of those pictures where it speaks louder then words...I kinda of agree that bush isnt doing the right thing in office. I also know its a matter of time before we are in Iran backyard were we should be minding are own business. Great blog

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