May 23, 2006

In Solidarity with the Six Nations Confederacy in Caledonia, Ontario

A native protester showing his feelings about the "offerings" of bread and cheese left by the White settlers after weeks of humiliating the protesters.

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The probligo said...

"...Yesterday's angry confrontation began with natives, who have been protesting a planned housing development on land they say they own and have never sold, ..."

Say what? The last land grab like that in NZ was about 100 years back!

There is obviously a whole lot more going on here than I know, than perhaps I want to know.

The very first question is "Just what manner of public record of land ownership is there in Canada?" I would have thought that a quick check of public records would show just who are the legal owners... prima facie at least.

There are instances in NZ where land grabs of 125 years back are still in the process of being "settled" between Government and the original owners. In some cases those "grabs" were made by recorded legal process (such as land taken "for defence purposes" during WW1 and not returned).

In other instances (most before 1890, all before 1910) the process was highly illegal and usually involved government sponsored militia or police evicting Maori from their land so that it could be given or sold to arriving settlers.

This instance, even if isolated, must carry shame to the whole of Canada.

Al S. E. said...

Probligo, if your computer is faster than mine, you can check out this PDF, which contains a brief chronology of the dispute, with maps and everything:

The omniscient Wikipedia also has an article on the topic: