May 12, 2006

Going where very few Presidents have gone before

Dubya's "popularity" has dropped into the 20s range. Only three other US Presidents, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Harry Truman, have ever achieved this particular distinction.


tashatakeadive said...

its wonderful to see a concerned canadian who hates dubba as much as the americans do!

Anonymous said...

If things have turned so bad for Bush Jr. it is solely due to the misguided ideals and policies he pursued.. he and only he himself is to be blamed for the mess US is in.

Kathryn McNeal said...

I'm really not surprised- I believe he was elected based on the conservative Christian moral descisions he planned to make, not his leadership skills. Last I saw, his approvals were down to 27%.

Although, I feel the election was a bad one that year. A very right wing candidate, or very left. Sadly, our country is made up of more red than blue, and the purple is far more comfortable with the red.

Steven Bently said...

One reason Dub got elected the first time is, we have nothing but rich loonies running for president.

We pick from 50 women for one Miss America, but we only pick from two loonies to run for president.