May 07, 2006

A fair comparison

John Bolton, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, in a recent speech addressed to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, asserted: "Rest assured that we are not relying on the Security Council as the only tool in our toolbox." He then gleefully rose up and down on his toes, very pleased with himself for the threat he had just made against Iran (music to the ears of his audience), and literally gave an evil smile.

Compare Bolton's belligerence with the calm manner of Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations [the links are given below].

The comparison leaves no doubt in my mind that the current US Administration remains by far the greatest threat to peace and stability in the world.

By the way, isn't John Bolton, in the statement quoted above, actually saying that the United States Government doesn't give a damn about the UN Security Council? Then why is it that when President Ahmadinejad of Iran made a similar remark a few days ago, it was quoted everywhere in the Western press, while Bolton's statement was not even mentioned?

Javad Zarif's enlightening interview, where he calmly clarifies every aspect of the current situation, is here. It is 46 minutes in length.

John Bolton's statement is included in this newscast. The part of the newscast about Iran is 9 minutes long.


Milo said...

I wish I could disagree with you, but sadly, I cannot.

elaine x said...

every time i see bolton i just ask myself ...

is this really the most competent person we could find for this position or was he the only that happened to be caught while he was out stretching his legs from the rock he crawled up from under ????

sheeeeeshhhh, we need help !!!! anyone, anyone ....
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'