July 28, 2006

The reason for Israel's targeting of the UN outpost in Lebanon

Israel's baffling attack on the UN outpost in Lebanon is a little less baffling after reading these two letters in today's Toronto Star:

The situation with the deliberate bombing on the UN outpost made me more than a little angry. There is no way possible that it was an accident. For one, Israel employs satellite-guided laser 500 lb. bombs. The co-ordinates for targets come down from the U.S. military satellite system. So any bomb that hits a specific target had those co-ordinates programmed in.

The media fail to mention that on June 8, 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by aircraft and boats from the Israeli military. The Liberty was flying three U.S. flags — one a large flag. When the attack was finished, 34 U.S. sailors lay dead and 174 were wounded. Israel claimed it was a mistake, but the ship was an electronic ship listening to the chatter and picked up the fact that Israel was the aggressor nation.

So the bombing of the UN outpost fits into a nice history and Israel gets away with it.

Jim Trautman, Orton, Ont.

The UN observers in Lebanon were observing war crimes. So they had to be eliminated. Neither Israel nor Israel's biggest cheerleader, Canada's Prime Minister Harper, wanted them there. This is the other letter:

Are Stephen Harper and the Israeli ambassador to Canada trying to deflect serious concerns about the bombing of the unarmed UN observers in Lebanon by questioning why they were in a war zone? That is their job, Prime Minister, to be witnesses for the UN during a conflict. That is why they have a bunker, built to withstand 155mm artillery shells but not a heavier guided missile. That is the role of the UN mission there. Shame on you for questioning their integrity.

Capt. David Platt (ret'd), Toronto


barefoot hiker said...

I couldn't get over the fact that Stephen Harper let this one slide. Israel's attacks in Lebanon are so careless and vicious that they kill a family of our citizens visiting there; he kisses Israel's ass. One of our soldiers on an international peace mission is deliberately murdered by the IDF, and our prime minister wonders what he was doing there in the first place. The man is absolutely useless in representing us abroad -- worse than that; he's dangerous. He's telling the whole world it's just fine with him to kill Canadians. We won't say a thing. Why in God's name is our ambassador still in Tel Aviv, and Israel's ambassador still in Ottawa?

Al S. E. said...

Lone Primate, I have a feeling that Harper's hidden agenda will turn out to be even scarier than what everybody imagined.