June 02, 2006

US "soldiers" in Iraq to get ethics training!!

As part of the damage-control plan following the revelation of the Haditha massacres, US "soldiers" (who are usually referred to by an epithet in this blog) are to get ethics training. A natural question to ask is: Shouldn't they have received ethics training three years ago? Shouldn't they have received ethics training prior to being sent to Iraq? Shouldn't they have been told long ago that their job was not to kill every "towel-head" that entered the sights of their accursed guns?

Today, as if the US military didn't have enough of a job on its hands with Haditha's damage control, evidence of another massacre has surfaced, this time at the town of Ishaqi, which proves, if any proof were needed, the futility of trying to teach ethics to individuals who don't already know it is wrong to shoot small children.

I have often cursed the media for their supine attitude. In my last post, I wondered why reporters don't ask themselves this logical question: If an atrocity has been revealed only on the basis of an accidental disclosure, doesn't that mean there have likely been a lot of other similar atrocities?

Now I pose another question. What sort of sense is there in having Americans try to impose peace and democracy in the world? The United States is a nation whose ruling class counts on a "morality" of "might is right" to preserve its own power and its empire, and counts on forcing children to grow up to worship guns and killing so they will make docile and willing cannon fodder for its wars. If any nation needs to be saved from itself and the tyranny and immorality of its ruling class, surely that nation is the United States of America.

Update: Iraq rejects US probe clearing troops of killings


Vile Blasphemer said...

How do you teach Ethics to a large population of mostly degenerate racists? Ah... that's right... you can't. We should all be buying more umbrellas.

Rich_Of_Spirit said...

Excellent post. Your blog always has worthwhile information. I am putting a link to it on my blog. Keep up the good work.

Immoral Majority said...

The "ethics training" is a truely absurd response to these atrocities. Are they trying to say that US soldiers need to be told that revenge killing of women and children is not ethical?