June 04, 2006

Lest We Forget

Once baby killers, always baby killers.

The American Massacre at My Lai, Vietnam, 1968

The American Massacre at Haditha, Iraq, 2006

In case you have been wondering whether anyone will be punished for the Haditha massacre (and the other massacres in Iraq), I would remind you that out of the 26 military personnel originally charged for the far larger massacre at My Lai, only one man, Lt. William Calley, was ever "punished." His punishment? Three and a half years of house arrest!

"Sometimes things happen that shouldn't happen!"


Mickey the Cat said...

That pic with that caption - kudos.

tallarin cervecero said...

really Bush is a nwe hitler.a crazy killer .
pics are terrible.
dead to george w.c bush

Sam said...

I wonder if Donny Boy would be grinning like a pig if his babies had been murdered. This is not a game.

Beethoven said...

My Lai was pretty damn bad. So bad that a Huey chopter unit witnessing the massacre landed between some villagers and U.S. forces to preven them from being slaughtered. The Huey captain said something to the effect of "Take one more goddamn step towards those villagers and my crew and I will open up on you with that Huey's machine gun!" You know you ot to be out of line whenever your own jarheads tell you to cool it.

What You Don't Know Wont Hurt Him said...

omg the children, why the children? what have they done.