June 23, 2006


Dubya in Vienna

Speaking of swarms of locusts, here is Dubya's own armoured stretch limousine, flown in specially for his Vienna visit. It was a part of a convoy of sixty vehicles that hauled him around town.

And here is the man himself, disgracing himself as usual, this time after being told some truths about what the rest of the world thinks of him.

And here is the welcoming committee.

Yes, I know, the president is atotal dufuss
The environmental detriment of a sixty vehicle convoy are apparent. They should just give in and develop their own Bush-mobile, bulletproof glass and all, and parade him around the world. Sixty vehicle convoy - wonder how much the American taxpayer is paying for that? And some are more than content to finance such lavish accomodations for their elected head of state. But when a lower middle class labourer collects a welfare cheque - one still inadequate to satisfy basic means, he or she faces accusations of being shiftless and a drain on public funds. Hypocrisy, ain't it beautiful?
I agree.Impeach the jerk!
Not only impeach him, but both Blair and Bush have to be tried by the International Court at the Hague. BOth these leaders and their countries are committing crimes against humanity.
He is so loved. Scary the way that we're all under the control of such an idiot. I think Tony Blair only goes along with Dubya so that Britain isnt added to the Axis of evil...
Yeah, BUSH GO HOME! Wait.. this is home.... darn.
I think it was supernice of the Austrians to write it in English for him, though. :)
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