June 19, 2006

A Swarm of Locusts

Have you noticed the strange disconnect between the environment movement and the animal rights movement? Neither side seems even to be aware of the other one, despite the fact that (a) animal life on this planet desperately needs the environment to be protected, to put a halt to the mass extinctions that are now all but inevitable; and (b) what is the "environment" that the environmentalists try to protect? Are animals, plants, and the planet's overall biodiversity not integral and inalienable parts of that "environment"?

Yet the environmentalist's sole focus seems to be on how climate change, pollution, and so on, will affect the planet's human population. Their proposed solutions are entirely focussed on trying to reduce or reverse the harm to human communities. One incredibly thoughtless form of this, for instance, is the holy of holies of the environmental movement, namely, alternative sources of energy, such as biofuel, solar energy, and so on. Presumably, vast areas of the planet are to be covered by biofuel-producing forests, by windfarms, and so on. No concern is being shown for the environmental destruction and havoc that such massive schemes would cause.

The animal rights movement, on the other side, seem more concerned about cute and cuddly animals than the other non-so-cuddly ones. The massive extinctions going on at this very moment among fish populations, for instance, seem to be of little concern to them.

Both groups, as with nearly all other activists working within the current socio-economic system, seem entirely obsessed with helping that very system (that very destructive system) to survive and thrive. The environmentalists want to enable the destructive current lifestyles to continue into the far future, albeit in modified forms. And the animal rights movement shows little concern for the systemic causes of the destruction affecting not just cute and cuddly animals, but all animals. They simply want to be able to go on enjoying cute and cuddly animals far into the future.

One of the most disturbing theories I have heard of has to do with the reason for the great diversity of animal life in Africa as opposed to the relative lack of diversity on the other continents. Because human life originated and evolved in Africa, the animals of that continent had the time and opportunity to adapt themselves to this new species. They learned to beware of the ruthless homo sapiens. Avoidance of this dangerous species became a part of the instinctual equipment of African animals.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the animal populations of the other continents were just as diverse as those of Africa. Around 70,000 years ago, a small population of humans left Africa and gradually multiplied and spread itself throughout the rest of the world. Everywhere they went, they destroyed for the sake of destroying, they killed for the sake of killing. The animal populations of Asia, Europe and the Americas were entirely unprepared for this new pestilence.

We are still nothing but a swarm of locusts.


Mike said...

To your comment about where is the "Environmental movement" concerning real threats.

They are the same place they have always been, attacking faked up threats, not reality. In the 1970's, the threat was the comming ice age, along with lots of charts and pictures to prove it. That ice age never seemed to materialize. The leading environmental spokesman of the day, a man named "Euel Gibbons" even cited the reducing levels of oxygen, as we were running out if air. That too never seemed to happen, althoug it was a big fear of the day. In the 90's, I was involved in agriculture, and the looming threat that the Ag community saw, that the environmentalists never caught, was two small parasites that were decimating the domestic bee population. This was a real threat, imagine if crops did not get pollinated! Only grasses can wind pollenate, which means we have maize, oats, wheat, etc. But no fruits or vegetables.

Apteryx said...

Good on you mate. I left Canada and moved to New Zealand, so I could be as far away from this shit as possible. Keep up the good work. I just hope it's not too late.