August 01, 2006

"Arab street rallies behind Hezbollah"

The absurd intensity of Israel's attack on Lebanon was probably due to the fact that the war on Lebanon was meant to be a stepping stone towards the Zionist entity's wider plans in the region. The war was not just about Lebanon. It was meant to pit Lebanese Sunnis against Lebanese Shias, and, by extension, the Sunni nations against the lone Shia nation, that is, Iran, thereby facilitating Israel's planned attack on Iran. To Israel's chagrin, things have not quite worked out that way.


legal alien said...

I think Israel is jelous from the diversity of the lebanese demography. By hiting some places in Beirut or the south esp towns with shite majority Israel wants to start a new civil war in Lebanon. Most Lebanese are aware of this plan thats why they are united againt this horrible act of war.

Immoral Majority said...

I have been trying to figure out ever since the war in Lebanon began exactly what Israel was after, and your assertion makes a bit of sense. They keep repeating that Iran is supplying Hezbollah, so they can justify an attack against Iran.

I don't believe, however, that Israel would attack Iran because Iran is not defenseless [link]. Israel is willing to massacre thousands of innocent Lebanese with airstrikes rather than put their soldiers in harms way with a large-scale ground operation, which would certainly be more effective with less civilian casualties. A war with Iran by either the US or Israel would likely be longer and bloodier than either country could tolerate.

Both the US and Israel are imperialistic, but like any bully, they only like to pick on the weak.

Immoral Majority said...

Upon furthur reflection, I am starting to believe that maybe Israel's goal was to create a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon.

As I mentioned in my previous comment, Iran is not sufficiently defenseless for the US/Israel to attack. Therefore, their goal must be to weaken the Iranian economy gradually through crippling economic sanctions until they are defenseless enough for "regime change." The largely unsubstantiated accusations of an Iranian nuclear program have not been enough to persuade Russia and China not to veto such sanctions.

Until the war began, Iranian support for Hezbollah didn't really receive any attention. By creating such a terrible humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, the US/Israel has forced the UN security council to address the issue, and therefore they must address the issue of Iranian support for Hezbollah, possibly swaying enough opposition to Iran to pass the sanctions.

Clampett said...

Al, good topic.

Legal Alien, I hadn't thought of it that way.


Immoral majority,

Yes, this has global implications and it has implications in the UN

But I'm going to say it:


The insurgency there is mostly Sunni, no?

Hezbolah is shiite just as 60% of Iraqis are Shiite.

The elections for the congress are in november.

Imagine what happens if the Shiites start attacking Americans/puppetIraqi forces....