December 07, 2004

The Prince and the Dumbbell

British newspapers have been busy sensationalizing the story of Prince Charles telling one of his underlings that there are too many unqualified individuals aspiring to jobs they are not capable of performing to a high standard. Although what he actually said was simple common sense, the media have raised the spectre of a return to pre-Victorian notions of social class and "place." I beg to differ, especially because his actual words had nothing to do with social class. I think the episode had more to do with the fact that although the British royalty, like everyone else, have political opinions, they are not allowed to express them, which must be very frustrating for them as public figures. They often try to find roundabout ways to express these opinions. In a period when the person that a local columnist calls "the President of the World" is a certified idiot, and the British Prime Minister is a delusional sycophant (if not psychopath), it is not difficult to guess who the Prince may have been talking about.


Anonymous said...

Well, your bang on the money about the prime minister. Perhaps hes a sycophantic psychopath?

Anyway, don't listen too closely to anything the royals may say; their motivations are often hard to determine, but rest assured that this bunch of parasitical fakers are every bit as bad as any so called prime minister.

Madame Kathryn Boussemart said...

I am responding to the comments both of you made regarding HRH The Prince of Wales:

1. HRH is far better educated than the individual to whom his comments were addressed to. This was obvious. So pick on the boneheaded interviewer. And Prime Minister Blair is as much a toadie synchopant to the US President as each of his predecessors have been for quite some time.

2. In the 21st century the real demarcation line between the classes is education and not wealth and privilege as it was in the past.

3. I am an American. After our last two elections here I have decided I am in favor of a monarchy. No! NOT the Bush Dynasty! hahahah! Consider this: HM Queen Elizabeth II. George Bush. I rest my case. How is it that from 270 million Americans to choose from, thousands of whom are well educated, compassionate, wise, and even attractive - and all that we can cough up to be elected is George Bush? HELLO AMERICA!!!! Give us back a monarchy because in the game of hereditary roulette our odds are actually GREATER we would breed a GREAT king than the odds we would elect a great president!