January 12, 2007

Polar bears waiting for sea ice to form

What will people do?
After the garden is gone
What will people say?
After the garden ...

Where will people go?

After the garden is gone
What will people know?

After the garden

After the garden is gone
After the garden is gone

---Neil Young


Rossy said...

This post breaks my heart. Thank you!

Jessica said...

Excellent post indeed. Simply excellent

St Jude said...

And it may be gone sooner than we think.

pilgrimchick said...

Unfortunately, our "need" to "exploit" the resources of the world goes farther back than just the current age. In fact, it is almost Biblical in origen--the idea that man is superior to his environment and what is living in it, and that therefore, man should "subject" that environment. Therefore, we can take from the earth as we please--after all "God" commanded it, didn't he? Hence why I always favored looking at the environment from a Native American, or perhaps more generally, a "heathen" point of view. The idea of giving thanks for the gifts of this world and learning how to protect them rather than use them mercilessly to the point of no return and poisoining others with our constant need for resources without consequences.

Anonymous said...

interestingly enough, polar bears are good swimmers, so the bottom picture could actually make for a great video when it dives in and decides to attack a seal. those poor poor seals...getting exploited with no one to stand up for them...