January 12, 2005


Yet another "Inauguration"

This blog will participate in the planned worldwide protests around the inauguration of "President" George W Bush on January 20.

So I take it the people that did not want George W. Bush to be President of the United States Of America are not going to any of the inaugural events they were not invited to in the first place?
I don't think the protests are against the inauguration party itself. Now that you mention it, though, it is very strange for such highly moral people to be wasting hundreds of millions of dollars that could be put to charitable use. I believe the protests are against the fact that a total incompetent is being inaugurated yet again as the most powerful politician in the world. I think people are saying they have had enough of this circus.
good work ..... keep up the protest ... I think its so stupid that a president can spend 30 mill on a parade ... i could thing of 30 million other uses for that money
Tried to understand as I read your views.. But I never will understand why the Canadian people hate us so bad. What have done to you? We would have and always will be your first defence should you need us.. As you can not and will not fight back yourself.
Had you actually read my views, FTB, instead of just saying you read them, you would have known that I have nothing but praise for what the United States contributed to the world in its early history. The US is hated because it has forsaken that legacy, and has treaded the path of oppression and exploitation for over a hundred years. It has in fact become the master oppressor and exploiter. One reason Canadians are opposed to the US Government is that our unavoidable geographical proximity to the US has made us or has made us seem to be complicit in its tyranny, especially under a President like Georgre W. Bush who seems totally bereft of conscience. Were it not for that tyranny, we would not have any enemies, and would not need any protection.
oh ya, how i hate the hater canadians..sheesh!
Thanks for your comment, Mohammad. Your sense of irony is much appreciated. The country that hates the rest of the world so much that it has invaded just about every country in the world, now accuses other people of being hateful. I myself rarely use the device of irony on the Right, though, unless it is stated in simple language and includes an explanation of what I mean. I don't know if you heard that the averge IQ and educational level of the red states is lower than those of the blue states.
I totally wish I could go down to washington on the 20th! Too bad I'm a poor college kid. So, I have this funny picture of Bush on my blog http://bostonpride.blogspot.com
it's called "what a f****n moron"
I like that FDR had the sense to downsize his inaurguration in '45.
There should be a law against talking about FDR and Dubya in the same breath.
Good for you Al!

I am going to check this blackout out.

I think the blackout protest is not only a case of too little too late, but completely fucking stupid.
If there was some fault with the election process, or if you think it was rigged, then, sure, protesting is a great thing to do.

But what you seem to be protesting about is that the majority of citizens in the USA voted for Bush, you're protesting against the people's choice.

Protesting at other times, could seem like a reasonable protest about Bush's foreign policy, but a protest on that day seems to be nothing more than a afternoon ride on the gravy train of Bush decent.
I never imagined this idea of a blackout would make the Right so nervous. Anything they hate and ridicule is bound to be a good way to beat them. I have a feeling we are onto the beginning of a good thing here.
Hi folks. It's my lunch break so I plan on commenting very briefly to some of you listed above.

1st comment by anonymous - I love how Al responded to you. Thanks for being a good neighbor, Al

To Jason re not being invited. Weak, Jason. Very weak. Keep trying.

To "From the Bible": You are speaking as if the US is the center of the universe. How arrogant! Turn it around and ask why the U.S. has not been a good neighbor to Canada. Don't open your Bible to look for answers though. You guys have been using the Big B as an excuse to kill.

To Zeke: (sigh) This is not about being sore losers. It's about Justice, Truth, Freedom....(sigh) Do you care, Zeke?

Re Al's response to Mohammad: Turning the tables around as though the OTHER is the one perpetrating said action is a common Republican tactic. Example...constant ref to "liberal media". If the media were so liberal, Bush's butt would be in a sling by now.

Thanks, Gabby!...and Anthony! More voices...we need more voices.

To Ap0c - keep on laughing, asshole. Judging from your post, you have a bit of a swagger yourself. Is it alcohol or stupidity?

Mister Alphabet: You are dead wrong. So dead wrong you and your friends creating more terrorists and are leading us all towards disaster. Yes...YOU!

To Anonymous re the blog blackout. The blackout has a similar impact as www.sorryeverybody.com
We want the world to know we aren't ALL ignorant ethnocentric money grabbing liars. The world will notice.

To Anonymous about protesting in the cold:
Chechnya (how important is free speech to you?)
bush won the elections. it is no longer a question. we all have 4 years to prepare for the next one.
The task of defeating the Right is a monumental effort that has already begun. We cannot afford to waste a single day, and must use every legitimate means and opportunity at our disposal. Otherwise, they will exploit that day and those missed opportunities to advance their agenda.
Hey thanks!!! I bin looking for that photo for months.

I need it for my collection of stiff arm salutes. Should fit in well...
Yes, but were you looking for a picture of an idiot who doesn't even know he is giving a stiff arm salute?
Heh! it fits almost exactly alongside the photo of Herr Hitler at the Olympic Games 1936. Luvittobits! :D
Bush Sucks!
Nice Picture. There should be a side by side pic of hitler also.
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