January 20, 2005


Bush Blackout

I have put together a list of the primary referrers (to BushBlackout.com) from around the world who dedicated their Websites to this campaign today.

The very day the US Government stops interfering in the domestic affairs of every country in the world, I'll become completely silent about US affairs. For instance, on January 22 the Washington Post revealed that Bush, while visiting Canada recently, had used threats to force Canada to participate in his looney missile defence plan. This is one excample among tens of thousands of overt, covert, violent, or non-violent interferences by the US Government in the domestic affairs of nations during the last hundred years. I think my little blog pales to insignificance when compared to that history.
You all need to read the news on this site daily: http://signs-of-the-times.org/signs/signs.htm for a real look at what's going on.
I am amazed at the people who comment that "we are fighting a war on terrorism." Where? In Iraq? Gimme a break. The Bush Administration specifically said that the US attacked Iraq because they THOUGHT Iraq had WMD's. Not that they KNOW they had them but they THOUGHT they had them. There's a GINORMOUS difference here. What is it you're not understanding about this?

Let's say I heard from my brother's, girlfriend's, sister's, best friend's mother's, boyfriend's, cousin's, step brother that you have guns in your house and plan on killing me. However, I bomb your house before you could use them on me but come to find out, surprise! You had none. You use to but you didn't have the money to buy any. So, I guess I could just say, "Well, that's okay. We'll just put the 'head of the family' behind bars for previously owning guns and then have the rest of his family elect a new 'head of the family' member." And that my friends, will make everything better again. When it's all over (provided it ever ends) everyone can relax and our beloved soldiers who fought for this (I'm still trying to figure out what were fighting for)will be long forgotten ten years later. At least that's how the US will view the soldiers. Just look at the men who fought in vietnam and how they were denied medical.

One more thing, righties, if Iraq had all these WMD's, why the hell were our OWN PLANES USED TO ATTACK US????? Oh wait, that's right, Al Qeada did not associate with Iraq. Or did they? Wait, if they didn't associate with Iraq, then why are we in Iraq? Oh no, wait! We WERE looking for Bin Laden but we can't find him so we had to go after someone; why not Iraq? You see how confusing this is? WE ARE AT WAR FOR REASONS THAT HAVE NOT PROVIDED US WITH ANY ANSWERS. WHY?
Oh and BTW, it really pisses me off that people tell people from other countries to mind their own business WHEN WE ARE BUSY IN IRAQ, REMOVING THEIR PRESIDENT AND HOLDING ELECTIONS FOR A NEW ONE. What a bunch of effing hypocrites you are. We stick our noses into EVERY country's business but then have the nerve to tell others to stay out of ours. What a shame, I've actually opened my eyes and realized that my country suffers from the ultimate ignorance known to mankind.
Thanks for your comments, Bella. The way I see it, the Right's politics are all about the colour of one's hat. The Right are, needless to say, the ones wearing the white hats. Everyone else wears black hats, or else hats of various shades of gray. So, as long as the Right keep their white hats on, whatever they do is justified. They don't feel they need any other reason or justification than the fact that they wear the right hat. Imagine Jerry Seinfeld as a political philosopher...
I will say this... don't pretend like the war in Iraq had anything to do with "standing up for your neighbor".. we could really give a fuck.. I'm american through and through..but this isn't a glowing time in our history..from within or without.. enough of that.. on to the happier me.. visit us at ashabousha.blogspot.com to see what I am like when I am not defending statments.
Hi there - saw your blog while cruising around on a Saturday night - check out mine!

I am certainly glad, Rachael, that your impartial views, as an American soldier, have shed light on the fact that you guys spend the whole day playing catch with each other and singing for children. Doubtless the thousands of pictures of burnt and tortured bodies are just part of a liberal campaign of lies. I won't even mention the claims of the dastardly folk who say US soldiers have no right to be in Iraq in the first place.
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