November 11, 2004

Ecce Homo

A great man has died, a man who would not even compromise with the limitations of his own mortality. For more than two years, Zionist murderers kept him imprisoned in two dark and damp rooms, and yet he would not surrender. There will never be another Yasser Arafat.


Josh said...

Good for you! Not many people had the balls to say that when he died. I think, by the way, that you've earned the right to be a little rude, a little less reserved. The world is burning, my friend, and civility has become the first victim--for good reason. It's impossible to win an argument if one must forever reverance a convention.

Al S. E. said...

Thanks for your comment, Josh. Your blog has been added to my required reading list. As you know, most of us Lefties are nice and polite, which is one reason we are Lefties to begin with. I think I prefer to temper my invective with a veneer of civility, in any case, and demand the same from my interlocutors. This way, I get to enjoy the spectacle of hate-filled fascists, not to speak of their supposedly liberal fellow travelers, squirm while they try to insult me politely.

The Mad Doctor said...

Maybe the whole Isreal thing was a big mistake. It sure caused plenty of problems and suffering. But then again given the history of the Jewish people, a homeland has some merit.

If you know the early history of the country you see the violence was initiated by the Palestinians including murder. This is crime and terror. Most of the liberals vs. Isreal are against white supremist separtists, but in reality it is no different.

The Arab/Muslim states armed this treason based on anti-sematism. They refused to take these people who voluntarity abandoned their homes into their countries. They are left as they are for a totum of sorts. That way they can complain, since their military incompetence has failed miserably despite much greater numbers.

Isreal today and for some time has been the jewel of the region. No oil, yet it has prospered. It has beauty and scientific progress. It is the only democracy in the region unless you count Iraq.

Arafat was a horrible person. Remember when they murdered the Isreali athletes at the the Munich Olympics in 1972? Let's bomb a wedding or a bus. Making him a hero is preposterous. To allow his tomb in the Holy City is equivalent to putting Bin Laden's tomb at Ground Zero in NYC.

Of course the real promised land in the forties was the USA. Preferably Long Island, Chicago's northern suburbs or southern Cal.