November 20, 2004

Caligula's Reincarnation

What if it is mostly about Bush's taste for blood and killing? Caligula's greatest fantasy comes to mind: "Would that the Roman people had a single neck [to cut off their head]." Bush "cut off" quite a few heads while Governor of Texas. Earlier, his sadism had manifested itself at Yale when he invented the practice of branding pledges, and on many other occasions. In a 1999 interview, he mocked Karla Faye Tucker, the first woman to be executed in Texas in 100 years: "Please," he whimpered, pursing his lips, "don't kill me." Now the world is his oyster. He is not limited to victims available to him in the US anymore, who may come back to haunt him later anyway. He is now free to kill, bomb, maim, and destroy to his heart's content, without having to answer for any of it. Bush can achieve what Caligula could only dream of.

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