November 12, 2007

Shut up, Juan Carlos -- that's what you do best

For nearly forty years, Juan Carlos shut up and did not raise a peep against Franco's dictatorship. He knows all about shutting up to preserve his own status, despite the consequences of his inaction for his nation and for other nations.


Mohammad - محمد said...

Can we expect of the Royalty to do anything remotely useful?
On the other hand, it seems his son is doing something useful for his nation, after all:

Oliver Woods said...

I have no idea why any Spanish still have any sense of respect for Carlos. I really strongly beleive that the Venezuelan people agere with Chavez's actions.

No tengo ni idea porque algunos españoless ya tienen algun sentido de respeto para Carlos. Pienso fuerte que el pueblo venezolano esta de acuerdo con las acciones de Chavez.

Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos I is a 'paper' king. His only legitimacy comes from Franco. The Spanish people should have abolished the monarchy a long time ago. Que viva Chavez.