April 05, 2007

The "innocent sailors" were spies!

"We gathered intelligence"

That's why Tony "Bliar" Blair was in such a tizzy to get them out, and it is also why the spies themselves were confessing to everything -- so they could get out. Their official mission (anti-smuggling) was just a cover and an instrument for their real mission (gathering information from fishermen and others about Iranian activities in the area).

Update: British spies being tortured in Iran.


Fleming said...

Al, I probably never would have seen this if you hadn't brought it to my attention. I hope the truth gets around.

Anna said...

Why not, fleming?
We all should have long since get used to this simple question:" Who is "in need" to smokescreening and lying on and on all over again to their own people and public eye to justifyand achieve its operativ and strategic plans and objectivs".
One has not to be a paranoid or a "conspiracy-theorist" to ask oneself this question all over again!