April 03, 2007


What gives us the right to treat (other) animals this way?

Undercover film footage taken by the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals shows laying hens with feathers rubbed off from constant rubbing against their cages

A coalition that wants to get laying hens out of cages is directing its free-range campaign at universities and colleges

Update: An activist reader has emailed me a list of links and webpages about humane animal husbandry and related subjects. I have taken a brief look at some of the pages, and they seem to be quite informative and consciousness-raising. However, I take no responsibility for what you may see on some of these websites. Please note the brief descriptions of the sites as guidance, and use your own judgement. The descriptions were also provided by the said reader.

AWESOME videos for all ages.

Hard to watch the truth - adults only

Organic Consumers Union - Get newsletter

Please join and use your voice !

Find local farms to support- a must read site.


buy local PLEASE

Humane farming for animal well being
Strict standards and caring people.


Critical activism for the worst of farm animal abuse

Helping animals have a human voice

Doing some of the most important work on the planet

The Ones Unafraid !!! Support them please
Wonderful undercover work ! See the videos.

Amazing people doing amazing work

Great Site- Great Org

Lots of Links

Husbandry Institute focusus on creating consumer demand and fostering distribution of and access to sustainable meat. Their Ask for Change! campaign consists of a wallet-sized card with two simple questions you can ask your waiter, and on the other side, some tougher questions you can ask your butcher or other meat buyer who ought to know the answers. The cards, together with the fact sheet, provide information about the ramifications of each question, and why they are important.

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