March 15, 2007


9/11 plotter: "I designed the Nazi gas chambers"

Okay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed hasn't actually confessed to designing the Nazi gas chambers -- but only because he wasn't born yet. Considering the persuastion methods used at the CIA's secret jails, though, I wouldn't be surprised if he has in fact made such a "confession" anyway.

They keep feeding us "confessions" that have been extracted through torture, and the public keeps eating it all up. After all, if the information came from government sources, it must be true, right?... But what else is new.

Update: The CIA abused his children to force him to "confess"

You know, I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw this news...
Most intelligent minded people were thinking the same thing.
With all the things this guy "confessed" to, it's amazing he didn't say he was the Lindbergh baby.
Personally I think america has it wrong when it comes to all these supposed confessions. As anyone knows a person will say anything to stop the pain if they were being tortured. I believe Bush approved of a method that they call water bordering where they hold a persons head under water for several minutes and then let them up doing this repeatedly until the person confessess. So if they admitting to this who knows what else they are doing to get these "confessions".
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