November 21, 2005

Dubya's exit strategy fails yet again

Thankfully, you can always depend on the Leader of the Free World for comic relief. In 2000, 48 percent of American voters told themselves "Let's give the most responsible job in the world to a complete fool and see what happens." They liked what they saw so much that they played their practical joke on the world again in 2004

Video here

Another video

As a bonus, another picture from the same disastrous tour, with Genghis Khan looking approvingly down at Dubya in Mongolia's capital.


DocAnt said...

Bush wanting China to increase political freedoms was his biggest joke of the trip in my opinion.

crallspace said...

The last time Bush had an exit strategy was VietNam.

He is such a bumbling fool.

Yvette said...

But I love those faces he makes.