August 17, 2005


Today we are all Palestinians

On this day, all progressive forces are, at some level, “Palestinians,” in that they join in solidarity with the Palestinian nation, and share its joy in today’s victory. Yet we are all “Palestinians” at a deeper level as well. In an age when humanity’s greatest enemies, the United States government and transnational capital, appear to have achieved permanent ascendancy, we all share and feel, to some extent, the experience of oppression and defeat that the Palestinian nation has intimately known for so long. Yet we also share its resolve and resiliency. We share its determination that no matter what obstacles the enemy may throw in our path, the final triumph shall be ours.

Nation building at its elementary stages. Was there good reason to destroy the buildings prior to allowing the Palestinians to return ? Maybe some policy decision, it seems such a waste.
Well, you see, 2funny, anyone who is opposed to the government of Israel is an irrational anti-semite. The Israeli government has never ever done anything whatsoever (God forbid and bite my tongue) that would make a rational person oppose it. In exactly the same sense, by the way, that anyone who is opposed to the US government is an irrational anti-American...
I saw on CNN that many wanted to buildings tore down wanting a clean start. If it were me I would what to build my own home.
It is ironic that the chaos of Iraq should have proved a catalyst for the liberation of a portion of the Palestinian people. There must have been a phone call when the US made it clear to Israel that it would not be able to offer any help in case of attack, for many years to come. We are in over our heads and you are on your own: do the reasonable thing. All of a sudden, the reasonable thing proved very easy and simple to do.
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