February 09, 2005


Special Bulletin: Voltaire's "prayer" answered!

Voltaire prayed, to a God in whose existence he did not believe, that his own enemies should become ridiculous. Today it was reported that God, in reaction to the US extreme Right's project of getting rid of Darwin's theory of evolution, has finally granted Voltaire's wish. Currently, the US Right, despite facing universal ridicule and, now, the wrath of God, plans to turn its attention to Einstein's theory of relativity. They claim this theory breeds moral relativism. One usually reliable source informs us that the next target on their hit list is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. They plan to argue in front of the Supreme Court that this Law is unconstitutional. This reporter adds: Perhaps Voltaire was wrong. Perhaps there is a God, after all!

Can there be any reasonable doubt that the above individuals are close cousins?

That is a great Voltaire quote. Then again I am the loser who actually goes to quote databases...

Mr. Ed down there is great.
LMAO!! This is great! The resemblance is uncanny. I wonder if the same joys of monkey sounds emenate from this man's mouth because it seems to me that all I hear is gibberish. But then again, it's insulting the monkeys too and they don't deserve that.
I love those pictures! I laugh every time I see them. Have you ever seen the book "Curious George W." ? It's hilarious.
Hehehe! Thanks for the laugh!

I have a bumper sticker that states - Thanks for not paying attention. Oh how true it is.
More Bush at my page
These pictures are perfect! By the way, I live in a BLUE state.
if i didn't know that the extreme right tends to be as looney as the extreme left i would guess you are making some of this stuff up.
Great article!

The Chimp probably could beat Bush in a spelling bee or debate.

Maybe the DNC should have put the Chimp on the ticket in '04, he seems to be a bit more personable.

I remember a few years ago, The Onion did a story about Bush trying to overturn the second law of thermodynamics. It was a really funny article, but unfortunately, to search their database for articles more than four weeks old, you have to pay for a subscription.

Also, the comment posted by "zealott" about the theory of relativity could not have been more wrong. Essentially, the theory states that there is no proper reference frame, i.e. you can only say something is moving relative to something else, nothing is standing still. Also, no matter what direction light is traveling relative to you, you would measure the same speed, 3x10^8 meters per second. If you are traveling at the speed of light, time has no meaning, but for the sake of zealott's example, assume that you are traveling relative to the earth very close to the speed of light, and you were to shine a flashlight. To someone standing on the earth, the photons would still be traveling at the speed of light, not two times the speed of light, as zealott suggests. This has all sorts of profound implications, specifically that time elapses at a different rate for the individual traveling on the spaceship than it does for the individual standing on earth. Experimental exidence of this phenomena can be found in muons, particles created when cosmic radiation interacts with matter in the upper atmosphere. These particles decay very quickly--they have a half life of 2.2 microseconds. They also travel very close to the speed of light. At this speed, however, they would not be able to travel all the way from the upper atmosphere to the surface of the earth for us to observe within the 2.2 microseconds that they exist. According to relativity, the muon experiences time at a slower rate relative to us, and that is why it can travel that great distance in only 2.2 microseconds.

Also, one of my previous comments on the March 12th post, "Motive instead of meaning..." was accidentally duplicated. I'm sorry, it was an accident. I know you are getting a lot of spam, but I promise, I didn't mean to do it.
Love the ape picture. But could catch many of us in such a pose. Still, fun to see the Rove tactic used against them. Of course evolution is a fact. Period. More evidence to support it than existence of God or Jesus for that matter.
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