February 21, 2005

About the Current Comment Attack on this Blog: An Issue of Fundamental Rights

I think I owe an explanation to the regular readers of this blog about the recent comment spam attack. This blog has been subjected to a spam attack by an individual who calls himself Grey, as well as by a number of his blogging associates. His blog is at www.sixty-six.org (see his post of Feb. 16). This individual is part of a group of four or five persons (with BJ, Mort, Zealott, and Zeke, and another one or two minor players) who, on the basis of my experience with them in the past two months, have made it their mission to attack blogs critical of the current US Administration. In other words, they try to chill critical activity by bullying the critics. These individuals have repeatedly attacked my blog with irrelevant and offensive comments, many of which I have duly deleted. They would then add the original comments again, sometimes adding the same comment to several different posts. In the Feb. 16 post on his blog, Grey says he will keep posting his comment until I reply to him. I have no idea what makes him feel he has a right to do this. I will, of course, not respond to what amounts to blackmail and coercion. I have stated on my blog's heading that I would delete "rude" comments. When I delete the comments of these individuals, they flood me with objections, to the effect that their comments were not "rude," meaning they did not contain obscene words. I am sure every literate person knows what is meant by the word "rude" in this context. It does not just refer to writing that contains gutter language. It also includes writing whose purpose is only to offend, without adding anything to the conversation. I have never deleted any comments that had been offered with a sincere wish to debate a point. You will find such critical comments under the latest post, signed by "Flemish American" and "cantseefade." They both expressed views opposite to my own, but in a constructive manner, and received a reply. You will find many similar cases throughout this blog. Notwithstanding all this, I have, in any case, the right to state my beliefs, whatever they may be, and to talk to and listen to whoever I wish, and also NOT to talk to and listen to whoever I wish. This fundamental freedom, regrettably, seems to have been one of the victims of the current mentality and the erosion of civil and human rights in the US. It appears that many Americans now believe they have a right to force people to listen to them. In the end, I have decided not to delete this gang's comments anymore. The reason is not just that they have forced this course of action, but also because I am sure that, in the minds of the readers, they will be hoist by their own petard. I had been saving them some embarrassment by deleting their comments. All of their comments, with the possible exception of the ones signed by the gang member who calls himself Zealott (with two T's), are free of any intellectual content, hence failing the first test set by this blog.


Michael Morrison said...

One does not have to be a lawyer, and perhaps it is better not to be a lawyer, to know that "rude comments" means more than, and other than, "insulting" or "ill-mannered" comments.
As you suggested, I looked at http://www.sixty-six.org. I'm partly surprised at the vulgar and obscene language language from someone who then criticizes you for being "ultra-liberal."
To be honest, I haven't yet read your blog in great detail, but from what I have read, I think we might disagree on some or even many issues, but in one area we are in complete agreement: At my blog, "rude comments will be deleted."
Wishing you the best of luck, I am
Yours sincerely,
Michael Morrison

Dr. Gregory Roberts said...

Well, apparently the socialist, Canadian definition of "rude" is as follows:

pronunciation: 'rüd
1. Being in a state polite disagreement.

Frankly, Al, you know what you're doing here. Those of us that have been watching it go on know what you're doing. You just keep deleting every opinion and statement that differs from your own if you like. If that’s the way you want to conduct business, fine. You can keep on chatting with only those that agree with you. But bear in mind that you are setting a terrible example for liberals and Canadians alike.

BJ said...

Well, that's how it is huh?
Let me clarify something for you.
I am a moderate in my political views. I tend to vote republican.
I don't really care for close minded right wingers any more than I like close minded left wingers.
my chat name on here is BJ, and that is the only name I have ever used to post on here.
I also enjoy reading the threads on www.sixty-six.org .
that blog takes itself much less seriously. I don't know about you but I enjoy a little humor once in a while.

If you want to know anything else about me, I have a profile on www.yahoo.com . It can be found under bj7_56601@yahoo.com .
One last thing, let me appoligize for my bad spelling, my breath, and for offending you by posting any comment so "RUDELY" disagreeing with your personal political opinions.

Flemish American said...

As the right-winger who seemed to come out on the better end here, I guess it is only normal that I say something.

One thing that has concerned me as a "distant observer" is the uneasy alliance of right-wing, ultra nationalism and the Christian right. I think some of the comments posted and the way they are presented are good examples of why this alliance, while effective, is counter productive in good debate and why Christians are getting more and more fed up with the side they have to be on to promote their moral agenda.

I have to admit that it is the pious, uncompromising way of the right that is the catalyst for all the emotional outbreaks in these debates. However, the left is like a cat to a dog...deliberately taunting and teasing until the dog practically chokes itself on its leash.

Neither side is without blame.

Zeke said...

Al, define irrelivent and offensive. All I can see is us making solid points using facts, and leaving you with no leg to stand on. Possibly an exaduration, but how is it that if you say something it should be law with no basis, and if we say something it is harrassment, regardless of content? I can say this because the only thing that was done was dissagree with you on certain points. You even deleted posts in which I state that I respect your opinion, yet dissagree........why?

If you call this an attack on your blog, then I can easily see how you misconstrue the war in Iraq.

The probligo said...

Look no further than their own site...

I posted a comment there, and was promptly abused by one of the fans saying "...this is 's site and he can write here what he likes..."

Zeke, I have done the courtesy of replying there. Go back, read it.

Then perhaps you can understand what is going on here.


You don't like that? Go somewhere else.

Amerikan Alien said...

Once again probligo you read what you want and throw away the rest. All I said on Greys blog was he had a right to write what he wants...but for you to come over there read one or two articles and then judge him...that was uncalled for...and one better than that..at least he kept your comment on there..more man than Al..

If Al doesn't want the opinions or the chance to debate the issue, he should say so up front..Site for liberals only...no other comments welcome. Grey does make his point of views in a well written post. Some of Al's other friends don't know how to if they don't like what you say.

I didn't start reading Greys until he came to my defense on this site...then I learned a little more about him by following other links...

And by the way...were you never an ex-teen...or just always perfect with your head on straight? In that cause it would make sense for your quick judgement of "youngens."

Peter said...

Is that what we want?

>>Why not just flatten the city of Damascus? All done from the air with no casualties. This would accomplish much in many areas. First, Syria will pull back. Second, Iran will quake in its boots. Third, the entire Arab world will finally come to realize that we intend to win ...<<


The probligo said...

Alien, if you want to debate Grey's site do it there. Al and this site have nothing to do with it.

Please, your continuing lack of courtesy is doing you and your friends no good whatever.

BJ said...

probligo you need to look at the difference between this site and greys site. this site is about political opinoins and commentary as far as i've read. i happen to know that greys site is devoted to greys life experiances, which he opens to all of us for our comments and opinions. can you say you put your life on the net for anyone to read?

oh and by the way pushing 30 is not post teen barely out of puberty. we are not children. we are not uneducated, and we are voters.

erinberry said...

Wow, that sucks. Too bad those neo-cons can't find something constructive to do with their time.

Mort said...

The thing to me is that comparing Al's site and Grey's site is comparable to a comparison between apples and oranges. If you want to compare to similar but different websites, check out my blog. This blog is politically orientned to however I am a conservative and make no appologies for that. check it out.


as for the content of als site. I too have been cut from this site. there is a missconception among people that meet me that i hate liberals. this is not he case. i love liberals. my mom is a liberal. i need liberals for my career. the thing is i dissagree with a lot of what is said by liberals. i simply enjoy discussing and agruing with those who do not feel the same way as i do. and when no one wants to hear the other side, then there is no discusion. I invite everyone to my sight to discuss with me and my friends, Grey, Zeke, Zealott, and BJ. Nothing will be erased. no comments will be deleted.

I acctualy want liberals to contribute to my blog more. as much as i love the participation of my friends i would love to get some input from the other side.

Enigma America said...

I invite them to quit attack your blog and start attacking mine. BRING IT ON!

Crabbi said...


I'd just like to say that I very much enjoy your thoughtful and insighful commentary.

I've seen several few posts saying that Canadians should mind their own business. I say, keep it up. This war is everyone's business, as are dissent and critical analysis.

Deb said...

Thanks, Al, for speaking out. And CONGRATS on Canada saying NO to the U.S. anti-missile shield.

Andy said...

Personally I have found that if people cross the line of decency when commenting on my blog, I just don't respond. If they want to feel that's a victory for them, like they shut me up or that I have no counter argument, well, good for them. Don't let yourself be intimidated. Don't engage the crazies, it just encourages them.

Al S. E. said...

First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me with their comments, including Deb, Crabletta, Andy, The Probligo, Michael, Erinberry, Enigma America, and Peter. Your support has meant a lot to me. Second, Not to worry, Andy. The only thing the crazies can do is to strengthen my resolve. Engaging them can teach us a lot, both in terms of strategy and tactics. For instance, one strategic point I have learned from this encounter is that we may not just be faced with some sort of conservatism. Rather, I think we may be faced with a far more serious problem than that.

Anonymous said...

The closer one gets to the nerve, the louder the screaming becomes. When one touches the nerve, the noise is deafening. Keep hitting those nerves, Al. It's painful, but necessary.

The probligo said...

I am getting something of a smile, Al, from the fact that several attempts at posting over at their site have come to naught.

There was a brag about an anti-spam wall that had been added. Good on them.

Am I considered one of the spammers? I do not know.

Every time I try to post I get a message saying that my "post does not match image..." HOOT!

Bella said...

Sources? God is a source? For all we know, he may or may not exist and that's the truth right there. It's only natural to defend your political party but don't defend it according to hearsay, defend it with facts that are not full of erroneous information. I respect everyone's opinion, including those who Al thinks have been rude with their comments. You have to remember, what I think is rude, may not be rude to you. People react differently and have their own extended definitions of rude.

Al, perhaps these people's comments are more out of passion and love for their rights and thoughts. You can't necessarily judge the tone of an email by it's content. This is why people should take caution about what they write and how it might be perceived by the reader.

I feel that everyone is passionate about their debate and everyone knows that I have posted some harsh comments but that's because I am very passionate about my beleifs.

I think you are doing the right thing, Al, by allowing these people to post what they want to post. I can only hope now that these people will join in with the respect.

Unknown said...

I am with you Al :)

The Bird Poop said...


Not a bad blog site.

If we in the U.S. can make fun of the French, why can't our neighbors in Canada make fun of Bush.

Bush's policies are the dream of comedians everywhere.Unfortunately the cover charge is way to high for this material.

With that said as long as the comments are not vulgar enjoy the popularity. Anyone that has a breath can have an opinion.

The Bird Poop said...

By the way I visited sixty-six.org and found it to be a good site.

Especially Ralph.

Anonymous said...

I think that calling people hypocrates, nazis & other derogatory terms are uncalled for, no matter what the case it.
I definitely don't agree with anything that you've said on this blog and I think its a shame that someone who is not an American feels the need to bash a man that is not even his leader. I love President Bush, and I stand behind him 100%. If you were in Iraq & had to deal with Saddam, I'm sure you would as well.

The Bird Poop said...

I agree it is a bit over the top to compare Bush to Nazi Germany.

Probably a better comparison would be Forrest Gump, just without the successes.

"I Love President Bush"???

"I Stand Behind him 100%"???

Sounds like Jeff Gannon has been posting on your blogsite.

BJ said...

how can you be 100% behind anyone? no 2 people will ever agree 100%. i respect president bush for sticking to his guns. but i disagree with him on quite a few issues. in fact i would be much happier if powell was president and bush was still governor of texas.

the bird poop, since grey does not come to this blog anymore because he believes he is wasting his time posting here i will pass on your positive view of his website to him. www.sixty-six.org is a personal favorite of mine considering there are quite a few pictures and posts about me in there. i'm so vain lol

The Bird Poop said...

I would prefer Powell as President to Bush.

In fact I would prefer Bush to be on point of a patrol in Fallujah without armor.

Only two people I can think of that would be behind Bush a 100%, 1) Jeff Gannon (Bush's real man-date) 2) Carl Rove "the puppet master". And I guess it would be 3 If the idiot who posted his 100% blind faith support for Bush was not 1 of those 2.

The Bird Poop said...

For those of you have been critical of Al's "ultra liberal" observations and claim to be center of the road, allow me to introduce a radical right site:


Whether you agree with Al's post or not he presents his thoughts well. Al for the record I agree with you more than I disagree with you. This gatewaypundit blog is not sponge worthy, but you may get a kick out of expressing your opinions on it.

The site listed above will delete your rebuttal and then respond to it. And talk about idiotic rantings, he is infatuated with Ann Coulter. Now there's a woman that needs a good lay. She never smiles unless she is bashing someone and has a conspiracy theory about everything that falls left of Jesse Helms.

Happy pecking!

The Bird

Al S. E. said...

BP, your "man-date" comment had me laughing all morning. Thanks. All that working-class Right-wingers and so-called middle-of-roaders (as well as the ones laughably called "middle class") do is just regurgitate everything their Great Leader, CNN, and Fox News feed them. In other words, they are completely unconscious of their own interests, making them as stupid and infuriating as an individual can get... What is possibly even worse is that most of them are deathly boring.

The Bird Poop said...

It has been said plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. The Man-date comment I actually heard from Bill Mahr.

Although it would not surprise me if not Jeff Gannon, someone had slid Bush the old pickle tickle during his partying days. Rumsfeld wrestled, Cheney played football and Bushy was a cheerleader. And everyone wants to bang a cheerleader!