May 10, 2007

War Trials instead of Impeachment?

Hard on the heels of the surveys that detailed the shocking attitudes of the American soldiers in Iraq towards torture, the Iraqi people, and so on, which were released on May 4, I received a series of emails (beginning on May 8) urging me to watch some videos that portrayed American soldiers as victims. I am not going to mention the sender's name (or rather his pseudonym) or the titles of the videos that he wanted me to watch, as I do not want to inadvertently assist his propaganda campaign, but I thought I should mention the incident anyway, as other progressive bloggers may have received those same emails as well.

With the ever more obvious resemblance between the Iraq invasion (and the subsequent destruction of that country) and many events and lies of the Second World War (for instance, Hitler’s invasion of Poland on the pretext of a false-flag story and, later on, the deliberate and covered-up targeting of German civilian populations in Allied bombing campaigns), it would not be farfetched to suppose that some US military types are now getting concerned that a similar outcome may follow for them. In other words, they may be concerned that even America’s overwhelming politico-military might may not be enough to save them from Nuremberg-like war crimes trials. It is true that no-one has been tried for the bombings of the German cities, and most of the perpetrators are dead and gone now, but the truth has been seeping out more and more.

Today’s world is a very different world than the world of the 1940s, and the wide availability of information may yet prove to be the Achilles Heel of today’s war criminals. The US military may, therefore, be feeling an urgent need to deflect the blame for Iraq from itself onto the politicians.

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Fleming said...

It is good that you point out the parallels between the ex post facto "war crimes" for which Americans have hanged national leaders and military officers, and the worse actions of Americans. If only there were some realistic hope of seeing Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc., along some military officers, at the dock in a war crimes trial!

I'm also glad that you mentioned the worst war atrocities that have been committed in hundreds of years -- the U.S/British bombing of German cities . . . and I would add the atomic bombing of two Japanese cities.

Every precedent set by the Americans in reviving the barbaric custom of killing the leaders of conquered countries should now be applied against the Americans.