February 28, 2007

Quotations from President Ahmadinejad of Iran

The complete lack of availability of reliable information to the English-speaking general public about President Ahmadinejad of Iran, and the abundance of lies perpetrated by the Western governments and their subservient newsmedia, have prompted me to collect some excerpts from his speeches, open letters, and interviews (along with a link to the complete texts). He is very articulate, and the best way to understand his views is to read the views themselves, undistorted by the Western media.


Anonymous said...

one of few wise leaders we have today, he speaks true sense in all areas

Ron said...

I am an atheist and a straight up laissez-faire capitalist with little sympathy for superstition or socialism.

That said, I think Ahmadinejad is the most misrepresented and and misunderstood political leader on the planet--and I do not see him as my enemy.

My advice to those looking to understand Ahmadinejad is to read and listen to Ahmedinejad himself. So far as I've seen, most interviewers totally misapprehend who he is and what he's saying; they are so busy trying to make points with their loaded questions that they don't listen to his answers.

Lynn Green said...

I am a liberal, but I don't see much I like in Iran. All that being said, I condemn Bush for trying to stir up war fever in our nation against Iran.

The_SRV said...

I linked to this post from my blog, The Stark Raving Viking.

There has been something wrong in the US too long. There is a White Elite that owns most everything and their powerbase has been under threat for a while based on birthrates and "illegal" immigration.

The throwing as many poorer whites and minorities as possible in prison was a overused short term solution. Felons can't vote, may never have steady work, and have extreme difficulty in getting housing in their names.

The US final solution to the "minority" problem might be Martial Law and George W. Bush not facing election in 2008.

Try looking up the name "Steven G. Erickson" in a word search engine.

The Police in the US have a "Secret Enemies List". If you are a mouthy minority or a white that connects the dots, you are arrested and usually end up in prison.

I had a small business built up over 2 decades and was current on 3 rental property mortgages. I was a target of the police for what I wrote in newspapers.

Non-Whites that owned pizza restaurants or convenience stores in "White Only" areas were also targets.

The world should know.

New Orleans was a testing ground for what can be done. White police, mostly State Police from around the country were called in that had sniper experience. The National Guard has too many minorities. The Death Squads killed the Blacks in New Orleans and allegedly put them in refrigerated tractor trailers to be flown over the ocean by Chinook Helicopters to be dropped out in the open ocean.

The BBC had reported on new "Crowd Control" weapons developed by Israel and the US. Those could kill contained crowds using microwaves. The mostly minorities could be loaded in containers, loaded on container ships and the ship could be sunk at sea in deep water to hide the evidence.

Maybe George W. Bush's Final Solution.

Then there is world domination.

Fleming said...

I just discovered your weblog, and I couldn't be happier with what I've read so far. This particular post is a great contribution to knowledge and understanding. It must have taken a lot of work.

I'm going to link your blog to my blog VIEW FROM THE MOON, where I've posted a number of favorable remarks about President Ahmadinejad. I look forward to reading NOT THE COUNTRY CLUB regularly.

matchstic said...

Thanks for the interesting post. There is also a very interesting interview with the President published in the respected German magazine "Der Spiegel". It is also definitely worth a read as you do not see many interviews, or more the point, have an opportunity to see such an interview.

Fleming said...

Al, now that I've learned of the attacks on you on the Daily Kos, I would like to help. Please tell me what kind of support I can give.

I've been attacked by a few Zionists on VIEW FROM THE MOON, but nothing like what happened to you on Daily Kos.

Al S. E. said...

For people who don’t know what Fleming is referring to: On Feb. 18, I decided to post the content of this post on DailyKos, which, I should explain for the sake of blogging newbies, is the most widely read liberal blog around. It has a feature where anyone can go in and post blog entries. I posted under the same title as the post here, and I received a couple of dozen favorable comments. Shortly thereafter, though, a couple of Zionists appeared out of nowhere, and began questioning my motives in publishing this information, calling me a supporter of “Islamic terrorism” and worse! Perhaps more importantly, they opposed the dissemination of this information in the first place. One of the Zionists, although the louder one of the two, was probably just a run-of-the-mill foot soldier for the cause. The other one, though, by the name of Shane Hensinger, seemed to have some connection to DailyKos itself, since he stated that my blog post was unacceptable, and it would be removed. As of this moment, it hasn’t been removed yet, and you can read the comments on it at:


I researched Shane Hensinger a bit today, and found out that this kind of behaviour is typical of him. He is apparently very loose with labels such as “Nazi” for critics of Israeli policies.

As I opined in a comment on a post in Fleming’s blog on the subject of the Big Lie (viewfrommoon.blogspot.com), not only have American people been told Big Lies for a very long time and have been trained to accept those Big Lies, they have also been actively prevented from hearing the truth. This operates both at the level of the major media and at more minor levels, such as the DailyKos blog. Individuals such as the above-mentioned Shane Hensinger have been installed or have installed themselves at such organizations, so as to make sure only certain types of facts are allowed to enter the consciousness of the American people.

Fleming has offered his help, and I am deeply appreciative. I can only urge him and other like-minded people to try to use the opportunities provided by the Internet to penetrate the major information sources that help shape the consciousness of the American intelligentsia, and to try to orient their message in a more progressive direction. We are in a dire situation. I feel a major effort is needed to prevent further catastrophes.

Fleming said...

Al, I hope your eloquent comment of 2/21 rallies some reinforcements. Now that my internet service has been repaired I'm going to DailyKos and learn how to post comments in your support.

It's good to identify specific individuals like Shane Hensinger. My attackers have been "Anonymous", "Sage Advice", and a whole group of Zionists hiding behind the name "Winged Hussar". The only reason that we have not equaled and outdone such people in using communications media is their fanatical sngleminded, "single issue" mentality -- whipped on by the artificial creation of fear within their group. We have developed nothing comparable to electrify the complacent on our side.

Avenge The Forgotten said...

I would just like to say that I am very enthuastic about seeing someone as pressed about getting the truth out as you are. more people should look into whats going on and not relie on the currupted governments of western civilization. I am very intrested in your blog and I would like to add it as a link in mine of that would be alright with you

Sulayman said...

Quite interesting stuff, clearly he's not the evil boogeyman that the public thinks he is.