October 10, 2006


And those wicked liberals say Bush has learned nothing from his mistakes!!

Dubya at the beginning of his presidency

Dubya today

That's brilliant! Thanks for sharing it!

Love it!
Very informative blog. Thanks.
i dont know how & where fellow americans found such a brilliant & fast learning genious like mR. Bush ?
it must take them ages of researches on Aliens 2 make him :)
That has got to be the most precious thing ever :D
Very good!
You should see him trying to use a cell phone!
He can be taught. now we have to teach him how to dial.
.......say what you want about that man in the white house......but he made us all believe......that anyone......and i mean anyone......can be president......the war at home.
No question--simply put and extraordinarily entertaining.
I love your blog! I'm glad I found it. I like to call Bush "thanksdad", personally. I'll start checking in on your blog often. I just started mine, so I'm still getting my feet wet, but I'll read yours often!
Awesome! I'll be coming here more often. Thanks fer the laughs!
Thanks for this Sunday Laugh. Loved it.
Oh, I didn't see that he was holding it upside down - I thought it was some clever comment on race relations! But its great still! Although I can't really laugh at Bush for not noticing his phone was upside down, when I didn't either!


so fit for the character...!
Oh God that is FUNNY... It's good to see that he's not totally hopeless, and whoever suggested calling him "thanksdad", not a bad name at all.
I'll be checking this blog out more often; I've only joined the blogosphere (http://meetmyshadow.blogspot.com)
in the last few months, but it's nice to see the alternative media that allows ppl to speak their minds regardless of what the "Big Media" out there wants to feed us.
Too funny in that way that makes my stomach twist and turn like I need to vomit. This man is leading my country and influencing the world. One would hope that in order to win the presidency, having actual skills that might be useful in this role such as speaking in public while not looking less intelligent than the average 8-year-old, but that is no longer a barrier. Thank you President Bush for opening the way for others of great skills of diplomacy, communications and common sense.
Funny! I can't say I agree with you politically, but very funny none the less.
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